We Have Come So Far in Three Years

This week marks the 3 year anniversary of the Equity Markets low point of 666.  We are wondering what was around the corner and if the sky was going to fall. Since then we have seen stock triple in value and a recovery underway.

Last week was a positive continuance of the recovery.  We received good employment numbers of 227,000 new jobs created, and a positive revision of the prior month’s numbers.  This is good signs that our US economic recovery is still in swing.  We still have the constant headwinds of our Political system, oil prices, Europe, and inflation, but we should see gradual improvements and steady growth for the next coming months.  I do feel that a healthy correction is in store, but nothing that should result in any sort of harsh panic.  Look for positive numbers this week from PPI, CPI, and Consumer Sentiment.

Blackrock Weekly Commentary