Slow and Steady, May Win the Race!

Market Re-Cap: 01/23/2012       

We had another strong week for the markets with gains of better than 2.0%.  Strong economic numbers helped fuel the fire.  We got reports that the unemployment improved by 50,000 last week to 352000.  This was the largest weekly decline since 2005.  This is especially encouraging considering the back and forth bantering and lack of stability with our political leaders. 

Europe will continue to be the topic of much conversation in 2012, but the feel that leaders are making progress.  Europe will still move into recession, but the likelihood of that trickling down to a global recession is beginning to subside.  We will continue to keep a watchful eye on China and its slowdown, but do anticipate in being a soft landing.  

I continue to stay focused on our economic numbers and policy while watching the movement over the pond.  I would call the feel of the markets as slow but steady, with a positive trend and cautiously optimistic as we move into earning season. 

Blackrock Weekly Market Re-Cap